"It's not the mountain we conquer but ourselves."

- Sir Edmund Hillary

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Welcome To Spotchecks New Zealand

A place to develop skills and knowledge

While there are hundred of courses available online, many hide behind paywalls, monthly subscriptions or don't have any way to assess the knowledge you have spent hours learning.

Spotchecks grants you the ability to learn something new and test yourself with challenges, the results are used to modify the training course to ensure their are no knowledge gaps or things missed in every lesson. This feedback loop of results makes us confident our material is top notch and contains everything you'll need to ace the challenges.

Spotcheck's course progression is saved automatically as you go, so you can take small steps and pick up from where you left off anytime. The courses are made up of interactive elements to keep the learning engaging.

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Recent Updates at Spotchecks

13 August 2020

Website Launched!

Clear for takeover, after months of building the framework its time to take it for a test drive on the highway. *Cough* Still pre-alpha.

12 September 2020

Yellow Belt Course Avaiable Now!

Holding/donning a yellow belt proves you are committed to improving you business/organisation and have the ability to weild an array of business improvement tools.

13 October 2020

Leaderboards are live!

A live scoreboard showing the names and current scores of the leading competitors.

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